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You can buy Tapestry of Worlds I and II on my Amazon Page.

Upcoming 9/24 Lighting the Void with Joe Rupe

This fall TOW Pt. Two: Running and Gunning on Audible

New Kindle Vella Episode Story, The Darkness and the Dawn every Sunday (First three episodes are free to read).

Cover art by Jonathan Dodd.

Now with New Cover! 2nd Edition Tapestry of Worlds, Part One: the White Raven Awakens Available Now on Kindle Ebook/Free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.

TOW, Pt. 1, The White Raven Awakens playlist

TOW, Pt. 2, Running and Gunning Playlist

Now with New Cover!

Tapestry of Worlds, Part Two: Running and Gunning, Available Now on Kindle Ebook/Free for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

Interviews, Podcasts, and Appearances

8/21/2021 Co-Host Mystic Iceland Interview on Where In the Folk

8/11/2021 Co-Host Interview of Zombie Author Mike Evans on 3 Beards Podcast

7/27/2021 YA Urban Fantasy Novels by Hadley Thorne

7/02/2021 Book Reader Magazine Article: Featured Author Hadley Thorne

7/24/2021 Haunted Library, Ghost Episode, Written Horror Facebook

7/21/2021 3 Beards Podcast, Hadley Thorne

7/16/2021 Where In the Folk, Ep. #36 Pee Wee Gaskins- with Hadley and Christie Pt. II

7/11/2021 Where In the Folk, Ep. #35 Pee Wee Gaskins – with Hadley Thorne, and Christie Pt. I

7/10/2021 Haunted Library, Jack the Ripper, Written Horror Facebook

6/16/2021 Where In the Folk, Ep. #30 Wyrd Realities with Hadley Thorne and Shay Tully

6/16/2021 3 Minutes Podcast, Ep 28. Hadley Thorne Part 2

6/12/2021 Haunted Library Writers on Writing, Written Horror Facebook

5/15/2021 Haunted Library #8, Written Horrors Facebook

5/04/2021 Readers Magnet Club Article: Weaving the Wyrd – Meet the Author of Tapestry of Worlds

4/20/2021 Where In the Folk, Ep. # 23 Shooting the Breeze with Hadley Thorne

3/09/2021 3 Minutes Podcast, Ep 14. Hadley Thorne

2/26/2021 Where in the Folk, Ep. #19 Hadley Thorne

1/05/2021 Interview with Hadley Thorne by Lauren Smith of Nite Caller Productions

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