Tapestry of Worlds

Part One – The White Raven Awakens

Available December 23rd on Amazon. Kindle Unlimited readers will be able to get it free.

When a global pandemic strikes, Erika Lily and her friends learn that even if you are weaving magic to save the world, there are still consequences. Stripped of their Soul’s Spirit Guardian by the malevolent White Queen, the group is glamoured into forgetting what really happened the night they were used to open one of the nine Ragnarök Gates.

Under the weight of the ensuing pandemic, a doomsday cult puts a bounty out on the heads of government officials and law enforcement pushing the limits of average citizens into societal collapse. Hunted by the Cult’s Leader, Brother Timothy, Erika must place her trust in the mysterious stranger, Felix, as together they work to stop the unspeakable evil unleashed upon the world of man.

Join Erika and her friends, accompanied by her two dogs, Hansel and Gretel, as they embark in the ultimate fight for survival while reality as they know it crumbles around them.

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