Exciting Times!

Ever since I was a child, I have had one dream. To be a published author. Now in less than 24 hours that dream will be a reality. Don’t get me wrong, I have been a writer for some time and have had a number of poems published but this is different. This is my child. My gift to the world and for better or worse, I am sharing it with you all.

A lot of people will never understand why but in 2017 when I was being wheeled into emergency surgery and my mortality was staring me in my face, I realized I had no legacy. That I had lived my life taking care of other people, living the life they wanted and I vowed to change that. I had been developing the story since late 2016 but after a few false starts the opportunity arose for me to just do it. And well. here it is.

Tapestry of Worlds, Part One, the White Raven Awakens

The Companion piece to this book is schedule to be released mid January 2021 – you can preoder it soon. The name: Tapestry of Worlds, Part One Running and Gunning.

Following these Books will be the book Of the Blood, Tapestry of Worlds Book Two

I cannot wait to share my world with you!

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